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High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2010 Report (Part I): The Most Comprehensive Review of High-Frequency Trading

A resounding success was High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2010, forum organized by Golden Networking last Thursday at the Flatotel. The prestigious roster included practitioners and academics from Chicago and New York, as well as journalists that closely follow the industry. Continue reading

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Did Senator Kaufman have a point about monitoring high-frequency trading?

The SEC needs to understand high-frequency trading no more than they need to understand trading in general, before making any attempts to regulate it. Regulations have been in place for decades, yet, trading exchanges and their participants have evolved quickly in the last decade, and therefore it is reasonable to expect that some monitoring procedures of the past need to be revisited. Yes, Senator Kaufman had a point, strengthening the monitoring of not only high-frequency, algorithmic or electronic trading but trading in general; Bernie Madoff was certainly not a high-frequency trader. Continue reading

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