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Technology-focused Hedge Fund, AienTech, Closes after Making its Mark in FX as a Top Provider of Volume to Bank Platforms

New York-based, high-frequency trading (HFT) firm AienTech is closing down after almost three years in operation, its chief executive and founder Ugur Arslan has confirmed. Details surrounding the closure are not yet known. Launched in January 2011 with a staff … Continue reading

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High-frequency trading tactic lowers investor profits

High-frequency trading strategies that exploit today’s fragmented equity markets reduce investor profits overall, according to new findings by University of Michigan engineering researchers. The study is believed to be the first to examine how a common and lucrative trading practice … Continue reading

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Hft Update: Citi Fights High-Frequency Trading — with HFT

Liz Tay from Business Insider reports that Investment banks are driving down the volume of high-frequency trades on US stock exchanges with defensive, high-speed algorithms of their own, a Citigroup executive has claimed. Stephen Shore of the Australian Financial Review reports that … Continue reading

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HFT Research: Eurex Exchange Releases Proprietary Research Results

AutomatedTrader Magazine reports that Eurex Exchange is the first exchange in Europe to share part of its proprietary quantitative research on high- frequency trading (HFT) with the public. Key findings of this research include: (a) HFT participants played an important … Continue reading

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Algo trading is the future, say experts

MUMBA: The Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) this week organised a seminar on ‘Algo Trading or Algorithmic Trading‘. Algo trading is here to stay and it is the future of trading,” said Deena Mehta, chairperson of the capital market committee of the IMC … Continue reading

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Is High-Frequency Trading Detrimental to Markets?

HFT is implemented via computer algorithms that take market data (trades and orders) as input, process it based on statistical arbitrage algorithms, and issue trading orders as output. Statistical arbitrage is a process of discerning and exploiting statistical patterns in … Continue reading

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The A to Z of high frequency trading

The financial markets can be bewildering places for the uninitiated to get to grips with – and the fact that they enjoy their own vocabulary doesn’t help. Some of the terms are off-puttingly technical, while others have a certain descriptive … Continue reading

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An Interview with Will Mechem on High-Frequency Trading and Regulation for Speed Traders

Only two weeks before the High-Frequency Trading Forum 2011, Ultra High-Frequency Trading talks to Will Mechem, Managing Director of Pan Alpha Trading. He shares his thoughts on the future of high-frequency trading and upcoming regulation for speed traders. Mr. Mechem … Continue reading

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