Ram Ahluwalia, presenter at a HFT conference in New York, talks the benefits of machine learning within the investment process

Ram Ahluwalia

Ram Ahluwalia

Winged Foot Capital’s Principal Ram Ahluwalia, who will speak at the High-frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 New York City next week, presented on the benefits of machine learning within the investment process at The Trading Show Chicago 2012.

Ahluwalia began discussing universal human biases, drawing on the research for example of Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman.

Citing IBM’s supercomputer Watson’s performance on the game-show Jeopardy, Winged Foot’s Ahluwalia described the strengths (winning three times as much money as the human competitors in the standard Jeopardy rounds and non-heuristically optimizing wager amounts) and potential pitfalls (in missing the Final Jeopardy question) of machine learning, suggesting that using machines and humans together can outperform.

Ram Ahluwalia is currentlyPortfolio Manager of Winged Foot Capital. Winged Foot Capital is a quantitative investment management firm. Winged Foot Capital applies a systematic, multi-disciplinary, hypothesis-based approach to generating alpha across market regimes. Previously, Ram was a Senior Vice President at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch and member of the Cards & Deposits executive management team responsible for investment decisioning a $120 Bn credit portfolio. Prior to this role, Ram was responsible for business development in the Merrill Lynch Global Bank Group where he developed strategic partnerships in the airline, hotel, and retail segments. As a management consultant at Inductis, Ram advised Fortune 50 financial services firms on best-in-class decision-making frameworks for acquisition and risk modeling. At the Cato Institute Ram performed threat-matrix and operating cost-structure analysis for the Defense & National Security policy team. Ram received a B.A. in Economics-Philosophy from Columbia College.

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