Sanjeev Sharma, Presenter in the HFT leaders Forum 2013, predicting Dow Will Be Closer To 14000

Sanjeev Sharma

Sanjeev Sharma

Instead of using hundreds of factors in complex algorithms like professional economists, Sanjeev Sharma, a New York based consultant and speaker in at High-frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 New York City, have been using disposable income as the sole factor to predict the movement of stock market and economy for the last many years, on

“Disposable income of masses helps in creating demand for new products and services and helps grow the economy. High disposable incomes of people in United States lead to rapid growth of new industries and services here. On the other hand, countries with feudalistic societies did not allow good wages for the masses, and thus did not have an environment where new industries and services could grow.”

Sanjeev Sharma is a New York based consultant with nearly twenty years of experience in technology, finance and venture capital roles in USA and Asia. He was one of the first managers in the early stages of National Stock exchange of India in mid 1990s. He provided leadership to many mission critical projects at IBM Corporation, USA and provided business and product development support to many early stage portfolio companies in the venture capital Industry.He has accurately predicted the movement of US economy and stock market for the last five years, while writing for Sanjeev has authored the book ‘5 Core Methods of Innovation’, where he claims that there only 5 main methods that have been used to create almost all innovations. Sanjeev holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, New York.

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