Alison Graham, presenter at a HFT conference in New York, explaining the strategies of investing in frontier market

Alison Graham

Alison Graham

Alison Graham, Chief Investment Officer of Voltan Capital Management and speaker at High-frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 New York City, led her fund beating the market in 2011 based on her cutting edge strategy and insight into frontier markets.

“The MSCI Frontier Markets, today at $484, is down 3.5% MTD, down 19% YTD, and lost almost 8% over the last 5 years. But the Voltan Frontier Markets fund has comfortably outperformed the index. Launched in May 2009, it invests in a universe of 60 developing countries that are not part of the MSCI Emerging Markets index, but that are instead early-stage markets such as Georgia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nigeria and Botswana. It usually has 50 to 100 positions across 15 to 20 countries, typically in listed long-only equity. The fund features in Opalesque Solutions’ Emerging Managers Database.”

Alison Graham is the Chief Investment Officer of Voltan Capital Management and portfolio manager of Voltan Frontier Markets Fund. Ms. Graham has over seventeen years’ experience in emerging and frontier markets finance. Until 1998, she was a partner and senior analyst for Latin American equities at the investment bank Caspian Securities. In 1998, she moved to Moscow to join United Financial Group where she was responsible for equity analysis and corporate due diligence on the Russian power sector. Since 2000, Ms. Graham has managed Voltan’s frontier markets advisory business including trading across the fund’s universe of sixty early-stage emerging markets. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley, is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is fluent in six languages.

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