Marc Malek, Presenter in the HFT leaders Forum 2013, talks about inside his hedge fund

Marc Malek

Marc Malek

Marc Malek, principal of Conquest Capital Group LLC, and speaker in at High-frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 New York City, reveal the insider details of the fund Conquest Managed Futures Select he managed.

“Conquest MFS is an exotic beta product for investors looking to efficiently and cost-effectively replicate the returns of the managed futures space. Most of the managed futures space delivers exotic beta, which can be simply and systematically replicated, not alpha. The one part of the managed futures space which provides the opportunity to deliver alpha is the short-term segment. Conquest Macro is an alpha product for investors seeking an exposure to short-term market movements. Both Conquest Macro and Conquest MFS trade futures and forwards and are technically based. Conquest FX Carry is a fundamentally-driven alpha programme which trades pairs of currencies, to capture carry during risk seeking environments and preserve capital during risk-averse environments. Through Conquest Volatility Relative Value (VRV), we provide a highly specialised alpha product seeking to arbitrage volatility mispricings across fixed income, foreign exchange, commodity and equity markets. Conquest VRV can be long, short or neutral volatility.”

Marc Malek is a principal of Conquest Capital Group LLC the parent of the Investment Manager and Managing Member. Mr. Malek started his career in 1992 at Salomon Brothers in New York as a financial analyst in the Financial Strategy Group. From Salomon, he was hired in 1993 by KB Currency Advisors, a $400 million hedge fund and financial advisory firm. For the next two years, Mr. Malek traded currency options, worked on developing proprietary trend following trading systems, and dealt with currency overlay customers.

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