Taming the High-Speed Traders

Taming the High-Speed Traders

Taming the High-Speed Traders

High-frequency trading, which dominates the market in the United States, and has been associated with some high-profile problems in this country, is getting more oversight abroad, in places like Germany, Australia and Canada. As Nathaniel Popper of The New York Times puts it, “countries around the globe are now using America as a model for what they don’t want to look like.” Our own Securities and Exchange Commission, though, is taking a look at how high-speed trading glitches are handled, according to The Wall Street Journal. (On Tuesday, the S.E.C. is hosting a meeting in Washington to talk about ways to limit problems.)

A committee of lawmakers in the European Parliament voted on Wednesday to have orders by speedy traders be delayed by at least a half-second — an eternity when time is measured in millionths of a second. Those proposed rules, which would need support from individual countries, came right after the German government moved forward with an effort to bring these traders under stricter government control…

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