Corvil brings Latency Management to the broader market with new module

Corvil today announced the addition of a module titled ‘Trade Lens, Management Reporting, Advanced Deployment Management’ to its Latency Management System. The company, which provides latency management for financial markets, says the module will add business level trade visibility, simplify configuration and maintenance, and introduce lower costs.

‘Trade Lens’ changes Corvil’s previous business viability offering, providing users with an clear view into such key metrics as rate, traded volume, cancel to order ratios, order types, latency profile, and session errors, which can be grouped over sessions, customers, gateways, protocols, or venues. The company’s tenet for offering a single solution that serves all business units and asset classes is maintained; Trade Lens views can not only be fully configurated, but are integrated with its Role Based Access Control.

‘Management Reporting’ streamlines the process of creating and sharing critical performance data, allowing for the creation of reports, containing trading, business and infrastructure information – which are emailed straight to intended recipients.

As technologies and techniques previously concentrated in high frequency trading become mainstream, the acquisition of new skills and knowledge among trading organisation has become essential. ‘Advanced Deployment’ Management, therefore, makes available the necessary guidance and experience of complex deployments to every user of the product. It also simplifies the implementation and debugging of multi-stage correlations via a new GUI helper – indeed, hundreds of trading protocols now have the ability to self-configure.

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