SunGard Enhances Trading Execution Services With the Addition of its Fox River Technology

As reported, SunGard has enhanced its execution services with the addition of its Fox River Execution Solutions to help improve execution quality, minimize information leakage and decrease overall execution costs. Fox River will be part of SunGard’s newly consolidated broker-dealer, SunGard Brokerage & Securities Services LLC, which offers a wide variety of brokerage products and services that help fulfill customers’ trading and commission management needs through a single relationship.

Fox River Execution Solutions includes algorithms, sponsored access, sales trading, and access to an alternative trading system. Its technology helps customers reduce overall latency in reaching external venues, helping them improve fill rates and execution price. Fox River is offered through an agency broker-dealer, supported by a team of traders, researchers and developers, and has been an award winning algorithmic execution provider from 2007-2011 based on data tabulated by Elkins McSherry for Institutional Investor.

Denean Williams, chief executive and investment officer of Cameron Capital Management said, “By bringing Fox River into its consolidated broker-dealer, SunGard has created a simpler way for us to do business. We have worked with the Fox River sales trading team for many years, and we now use all of the Fox River Execution Solutions. Working with this technology and with a SunGard team that delivers exceptional service has helped us customize advanced trading strategies.”

Bob Santella, head of SunGard’s capital markets US trading software and brokerage business, said, “SunGard’s goal is to imbed high frequency trading techniques into our full suite of execution services with a focus on customer service. We are achieving this goal by combining our execution services under a single broker-dealer and by leveraging SunGard’s Fox River’s award winning technology to enhance our entire suite of execution solutions.”

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