Orc Group AB: Theoria Capital Management Pte Ltd. Extends Their Use of Orc for High-Frequency Trading on Asian Markets

As reported by Wall Street Journal, Orc Group AB, a leading provider of technology and services for the global financial industry, today announced that the Singapore-based fund management company Theoria Capital Management Pte Ltd. (Theoria Capital) has added Orc Liquidator to their existing Orc infrastructure to further support their increasing trading needs in Asia. The order was booked in Q4, 2011, and the contract is based on Orc’s licensing subscription model.

“Over the years, Orc’s solutions have proven to be an essential component of our trading business, and we are happy to add Orc Liquidator to further support our growing high-frequency trading need in Asia,” says Minoru Umezaki, President, Theoria Capital. “Orc Liquidator combines the intelligence, automation and performance we were looking for, and allows us to develop and deploy more advanced trading strategies into APAC markets.”

“We are proud to provide Theoria Capital with Orc Liquidator that further accelerates their trading business in Asia,” says Grant Wilson, Regional Sales Manager, APAC, Orc. “The extended use of Orc’s technology by Theoria Capital, shows their continued trust in our products’ performance and flexibility, and we look forward to supporting their continued success.”

Orc Liquidator is part of Orc Trading solutions. Orc Trading solutions are used by leading financial firms worldwide for market making, volatility trading and high-frequency trading. Together with access to all major cash and derivatives markets and a network of brokers, this is truly an unmatched offering.

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