Wall Street speaks up for High Frequency Trading

Wall Street’s largest trade group has spoken recently about high frequency trading and its ramification on investors and broader market structure. High frequency trading represents a modern growing part of investing in the market. To be able to trade this fast trades need to use powerful computers to move in and out of stocks and securities in less than one second. Many analysts say that this practice has been one of the contributions of the stock markets volatility. Many investors have benefited from the lower cost of trade and the liquidity as a result of the computer based trade. But the smaller trade also faces a more complex trading environment. This trade will not benefit from the same types of trading tools that large investors utilize. As stated in the article, any efforts in banning high frequency trading is false and that if there are efforts in banning this trade it will effect the market. What is said is the fact that high frequency trading is not “bad” it is the action that is taken that distinguishes the trade.

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