What is the definition of high frequency trading?

According to Demos, what are the stakes in defining high frequency trading? Traders are looking for a definition to better define themselves, while regulators are looking for new rules for this competition. So what is high frequency trading?

According to traders, high frequency trading is a way of trading systematically and that everything is programmed according, as opposed to traditional trading this trading is much faster and more computer programmed.

According to the Principle Traders Group, which include Geico, DRW trading and infinium Capital Management, tried to determine a definition for what high frequency trading means. They agree that high frequency trading is trading done systematically with computer technology and no human input. What is so challenging about this definition is the fact that it does not define all markets. This term is so broad that it does not define markets that do not meet the requirement of selling in high volumes and ending the day with little inventories. What is suggested is that there should be a risk control that traders and participants are subject to. What can be said is that there should be a distinction of what high frequency trading is.

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