The High Frequency Trading Conference No Speed Trader Can Afford to Miss

As’s Linette Lim reported, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) has unveiled several strategies to attract more traders and raise trading volumes, in a move to stay competitive. This follows its recent failed bid to merge with the Australian Stock Exchange.

High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum is the exclusive forum that no Singapore speed trader can afford to miss. High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum Singapore, November 21-23, will provide attendee’s with the most up-to-date overview of developments and insights to build a competitive advantage in high frequency trading.

Firms in financial services, technology and consulting are invited to become sponsors of High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum and get access to privileges that not many other forums can provide. For starters, leaders of the industry will be speaking at High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum; past speakers include keynote speaker Bart Chilton, Commissioner, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and:

  • Mr. Aaron Lebovitz, Managing Director, Infinium Capital Management
  • Mr. Adam Afshar, Chief Executive Officer and President, Hyde Park Global
  • Dr. Andrew Kumiega, Adjunct Professor, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Christian Zimmer, Head for Quantitative Portfolio Management and Research, Itaú Unibanco’s Asset Management
  • Mr. Christopher Willox, Director of Trading, Fenimore Asset Management
  • Mr. Edgar Perez, Author, The Speed Traders
  • Dr. Euan Sinclair, Risk Manager, Bluefin Trading
  • Mr. James Austin, President, Vertex Analytics
  • Mr. James Leman, Principal and Capital Markets Head, Westwater Corp.
  • Mr. Jitesh Thakkar, Founder and President, Edge Financial Technologies
  • Dr. Jonathan Brogaard, Professor, University of Washington’s Foster School of Business
  • Mr. Ken Kinkopf, Founder and President, Kinkopf Capital Management, LLC
  • Mr. Louis Mak, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, I-Access Group
  • Mr. Marvin Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Quaternion Capital Management
  • Mr. Mike Bellafiore, Co-Founder, SMB Capital
  • Mr. Milind Sharma is Chief Executive Officer, QuantZ Capital Management
  • Dr. Petter Kolm, Clinical Associate Professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
  • Mr. Will Mechem, Managing Director, Pan Alpha Trading

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