Forex: High Speed Trading is Good for You

As reported by the WSJ’s Eva Szalay: So what’s the difference between a nerd and a geek? Apparently quite a bit for some people. But whatever you want to call them–be it nerds, geeks, pointy-heads, boffins or plain old rocket scientists–they are revolutionizing the way financial markets behave.

Alex Frino

Alex Frino: High-Frequency Trading is Good

As DJ FX Trader’s Eva Szalay has found out, currency trading is not what it once was: the world’s most liquid market has boomed even further in recent years as machine-based trading has taken off.

That has some traditional market players crying foul, warning of the potential extra risks as automated trading programs with the capacity to fire up to 500 trades a second malfunction. But still others, like Australian academic Alex Frino, say high-frequency trading firms add liquidity to markets and actually smooth out volatility.

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