Californian Semiconductor Company Invests in Technology for Speed Trading


As reported by The Orange County Register’s Jan Norman, Solarflare, an Irvine semiconductor company, has raised $20.5 million, says SoCalTech citing regulatory filings. Solarflare recently sold its 10 Gigabit Ethernet physical layer business for an undisclosed amount. Solarflare is now focusing on the server adapter market.

Solarflare said in a recent release that it has launched a family of high-speed server adapters to support the stock trading industry that must process trades in microseconds for competitive reasons.  

Solarflare CEO Russell Stern said, “Solarflare will continue to build on its success in the 10 (Gigabit Ethernet) server adapter market by growing share in high-frequency trading and (high-performance computing) segments, and launching solutions targeting the virtualization and big data segments.”

The Dell’Oro Group at the end of 2010 named Solarflare as the fastest growing high-speed server adapter company in a market segment that is projected to grow to nearly $1.5 billion by 2015.

Among Solarflare’s clients are the German Climate Computing Center and Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory upgrade. Solarflare now sells its server adapters through Dell, HP and IBM in addition to its international network of more than 25 value-added resellers and five distributors.

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