Proprietary Trading and Hedge Fund Professionals at High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2010

As it has been widely announced, is hosting High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2010, “Innovating and Profiting from High-Frequency Trading in 2010 and Beyond”, this Thursday May 27th at the Flatotel. Highlights of the conference include Keynote Speakers Andrew Kumiega, a Director at Chicago’s Infinium Capital Management, on Backtesting High-Speed Trading Algorithms”, and Ben Van Vliet, Chairman of Institute for Market Technology, Developing High-Frequency Trading and Investment Systems.

From the website,, High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2010 will feature insightful panels that will educate professionals in attendance on the latest innovations and techniques applied by some of the top high-frequency trading firms. Panels include:

  • Profitably Running a High-Frequency Trading Operation in 2010 and Beyond: Traders are leaving high-frequency trading shops to start their new firms; they quickly plan to scale up to 100 million shares a day. Few months later, they are struggling to stay in business. How to profitably run a high-frequency trading firm? Which considerations are important in the setup stage? How to protect intellectual property when an employee leaves? How to set up initial relationships with key exchanges? How to leverage your prime broker for capital introduction services?
  • Technology Infrastructure to Enable Ultra High-Frequency Trading: High-frequency trading is a sophisticated automation of functions traditionally performed by traders. Implementing ultra high-frequency trading strategies requires careful planning and scrupulous implementation. Would you be able to buy all the necessary infrastructure rather than build it? In which cases would you need customized work? How could you enhance speeds through hardware acceleration? How expensive are co-location services? How to improve processing capacity of the servers running the trading programs?
  • The Future and Challenges of High-Frequency Trading: Despite drawing the unwanted attention of regulators and members of Congress, high-frequency trading has quickly leapt into the spotlight and gained immense popularity, thanks to record profits. Which are going to be the most important high-frequency trading strategies moving forward? Which types of firms are most likely to include high frequency trading into their trading strategy? What are the long-term implications on the market? What to expect and what to request of the regulators?

We understand that more than a hundred proprietary trading and hedge fund professionals will be in attendance, so it should be a great opportunity to network. More information about High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2010 at

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